Clomid is the most commonly prescribed ovulatory agent

Most cases of infertility among women are due to the fact that the reproductive system is unable to ovulate. A fertile woman will ovulate every month. This is the time when her ovaries release eggs so that they can be fertilized by sperm, giving her the opportunity of becoming pregnant.

For the young couple who are trying to have a baby, infertility can be a traumatic situation. They might have spent months and months trying to get pregnant with no success. Eventually they go to the doctor, only to be told that the woman is infertile because she cannot ovulate.

If this sounds like you, there’s some good news. If your infertility is caused only because you cannot ovulate, there is a solution in the form of a wonder drug called Clomid. This is the most commonly prescribed ovulatory agent, and is prescribed by doctors all over the world.

Clomid has an excellent reputation and a high rate of success. Your doctor will most likely decide to put you on a course of Clomid. It is often a doctor’s first choice to treat women who have ovulatory dysfunction (meaning the inability to ovulate).

Clomid contains a synthetic hormone called clomiphene. This hormone will trick your brain into thinking that there should be more estrogen in your blood stream. This makes your body produce another hormone called GnRH which prompts your body into producing additional hormones that produce estrogen.

When estrogen is produced, your ovaries will be able to release eggs and you will ovulate. It is during this time that you are able to conceive. So now you know this drug works. In fact you have a one in two chances of success after using Clomid. Just remember that it is very important that you take this drug as directed by your doctor.