Creating sustainable Erection without Drugs

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is one of the main issues that haunt males. They feel hard to get the proper erection and also fail in maintaining the hardness for a longer period. In this case, most of the men turn towards synthetic drugs like cialis, Viagra and levitra or go for impotence creams/lotions or mechanical devices. But there are other ways for getting sustained erection without drugs.

Magnesium oil and Methylsulfonylmethane combination is known to aid in getting better erections. It is easy to use the solution. Dissolve Methylsulfonylmethane and magnesium oil in equal quantity in water and massage it in the penis. Once the messaging starts , one can feel the difference – the penis gets harder. Moreover the erection lasts for longer duration until you and your partner are satisfied. This happens because the solution helps in the increased flow of blood in the penis, which augments the penis. Even this solution can be sprayed on the vaginal part, which arouses the sexual urge in women.

The extract from Epimedium leaf is also known to enhance the penis. This extract enhances the level of testosterone, which is needed for the better flow of blood in the genital region. The Epimedium leaf extract is also known to prolong erection.

Then there are the cuscuta seed extracts, which also functions in the same manner as that of the Epimedium leaf extracts.

Apart from these methods, it is also better to practice some exercise for rousing the penis. Try to arouse the penis yourself and then to flex certain muscles making it appear to jump. This exercise is also known to arouse sexual drive in persons who feel dejected of sex.