Health and fitness regimens for teenagers

Most teens do not know how to begin and maintain a health and fitness plan. What they do not know is that they can easily keep fit without doing things out of the ordinary. Getting a personal trainer for your teenager can be a good idea but making them take initiative in designing their own workout regimen is important.

Exercises for teenagers are quite easy to do as compared to those of adults. Any activity which involves movement is ideal for teenagers. One can pick a range of activities to perform either in groups or as an individual and have fun at the same time. An hour a day is enough to exercise and this can be repeated thrice every week.

There are different categories of exercise to ensure health and fitness is achieved in teenagers. They range from aerobic or vigorous exercises to muscle-strengthening and regular exercises. Aerobic or vigorous exercises include activities like playing football, swimming, running or cycling. In order to ensure safety, teenagers need to wear protective clothing or proper costumes suited for the sport.

Muscle-strengthening exercises on the other hand involve those activities which help the teenager build muscle as well as endurance. No equipment is usually needed for this kind of exercises and they may range from squats to crunches and press ups. In cases where you need to use weights, there should be a professional trainer around to ensure that you do not injure yourself.

Regular exercises are those which the teenager can engage in daily. Instead of sitting down and watching television or sleeping, one can do the dishes or do laundry. Performing house chores is actually a great way of doing exercise and keeping fit. Such activities can be done daily in place of the structured workout plans mentioned above.

Health and fitness regimens for teenagers go beyond exercises. Exercising in groups is important for teenagers as they are able to learn skills while having fun at the same time. Organising sports competitions like running races and swimming competitions is a great way of building teamwork and improving social skills of the participants.

A healthy diet is equally important. While doing the wide range of activities mentioned above, calories are burnt. There is no better way of replacing the lost calories than consuming healthy food. A teenager’s diet should include body building foods, vegetables and fruits. Most teenagers love junk food but this can be detrimental to their health. Junk food is one of the key causes of obesity in teenagers and doing away with it will go a long way in ensuring that one maintains good health and fitness.

There are many benefits of keeping fit and healthy among teenagers. Acne, for example, which is more common in teenagers, can be kept at bay by regular exercise and taking a lot of water. Doing regular exercise is also known to improve the memory of students and that is why most institution set aside time for physical education. Health and fitness is also important for growth.