Health is a result of good practice for human being to live longer

In Africa semi-arid areas a child dies of malnutrition, in another part of Asia a child is suffering from kwashiorkor in another part in South America Children have a feeding program to take hold of the hunger and malnutrition in this area. This three examples show one thing in common lack of food leading to poor health and if there is any it is not a balanced diet hence becomes a health problem again.
Health is a result of good practice for human being to live longer and without any illness or body malfunctions.

Health as simple and complex as it is basically the ability to have a sound mind and body that can function properly as expected and required. Health leads to one having some form of eating habit that will be dictated by nutritionist with a simple term called diet. Diet is a way of eating and drinking. Good diet leads to good health while a bad diet lead to poor health. Good diet has the very simple essentials that is carbohydrates, proteins, salts, mineral and water that is well balanced in the intake initial stages.

Bad health is as a result to bad diet or poor diet that is lack of one or more essential requirement leading to malnutrition of the body or too much of one or more of the essential requirement like too much carbohydrates leads to build up fats hence being obese.

Fitness on the other hand basically handles exercises and aerobics that one is involved to build up the body physically to a specific state or standard. Fitness is very essential and very important part of a human health life because it makes the body active and strong in its function. Fitness is very good if well done but very bad and harmful if wrongly done. It is advisable that one gets the help of professional gymnastic personnel who will guide the individual to have a well balanced exercise. Bad exercise that is very little exercise or excessive exercises will make the exercise inappropriate or very stressing to the body leading bad health.

Health is very important and has is merits and demerits, the merits are like:
• Having a prolonged life
• A life free of illness and diseases
• A strong body and structure of the body
• With the two (health and fitness) complimenting each other an individual has a complete soul, mind and body functioning well and stables as expected

The demerits are very many and have bad results if not taken and treated with care because they spring up a chain of events. With poor health individuals deal with malnutrition and deficiency, leading to diseases that are vital and chronic in nature like cancer, high blood pressure, organ failures and heart attacks. Such diseases have lead to life time illness and ailments and death finally.

Health and fitness therefore as a topic and a subject that affects the daily lives of human beings should be taken very serious and all the recommendations by the professionals in both health and fitness should be adhered to the latter.