Levlen is a birth control pill

Levlen is a birth control pill though it is also prescribed for other health problems that are associated to female menstrual cycle. This is an oral contraceptive that consists of progestin and estrogens. Levlen works by preventing the egg from escaping from the ovary. Though Levlen is widely used for birth control, many doctors also prescribe it for acne an endometriosis. When under Levlen medication, you have to go for regular check ups in order to determine the length of your treatment. Also when you want to use Levlen as a birth control method, you have to visit your doctor for several checkups to ensure that you are fit for it.

When using Levlen as a contraceptive, it is advisable that you take it the same time each day in order to maintain the same quantity of hormones in your blood all the time. It is also recommended that you take Levlen in the evening especially when going to bed in order to cope well with its possible side effects which may appear during the first two to four weeks of its administration. When you begin using Levlen, it is advised that you use it together with another contraceptive to avoid getting pregnant. This is because in the beginning your body must first adjust to the hormones before it starts working effectively.

Levlen also has side effects just like any other contraceptive though its side effects are not severe to non smoking women. Some of its side effects include weight gain, sweating, acne, nausea and hairiness among others.