Lifestyle or Medication Changes

If your doctor believes that your ED is related to excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, or drug abuse, the obvious solution is to make the appropriate lifestyle changes or to take another cialis pill. Certain classes of medication are associated with ED. If your doctor suspects your erectile dysfunction is related to a recently prescribed medication, he or she may decide to change your medication, reduce the dosage, or eliminate it completely if doing so will not adversely affect your health. In patients with generalized vascular disease, which can affect the flow of blood to the penis as well as to other parts of the body, eliminating smoking, reducing fatty food intake, and starting regular exercise can improve erectile function. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol (hard liquor or more than a bottle of wine a day) niay increase hormone production that suppresses your sexual function or damages nerves in the penis. Consider reducing your alcohol intake to the equivalent of 1 glass of wine a day, which can actually reduce the chances of developing these problems. Your doctor may also recommend regular exercise or changes in diet that can improve your blood flow. If your hobby is long-distance bicycle riding, your doctor may suggest you find a new hobby, or change your bicycle seat. That’s because frequent, extended periods of bicycling can cause repeated minor trauma to blood vessels or nerves to the penis.

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