Propecia’s effectiveness has made the FDA to approve it

There are different types of hair loss that affect both men and women. For instance, hormonal changes that occur after some treatments can result in hair loss. The most common type, however, is known as male pattern baldness, which can affect any male who has passed puberty age. While your baldness can make you embarrassed, you may appear even odder if you put on a wig. However, you no longer have to suffer in silence, as there is an effective treatment for this condition.
Of course, you will be excused if you try to brush it off because of the many so-called miracle cures that have been used to take advantage of sufferers for some time now. However, Propecia’s effectiveness has made the FDA to approve it. This drug is effective because it goes to the root of the problem, by stopping the production of chemical DHT, which makes hair follicles shrink. The affected hair follicles will not only stop shrinking any further but also start to grow once more.

Propecia is usually taken in 1mg tablets, one tablet per day for about three to six months. This is due to the fact that its effects will become apparent within just three months. Drink a full glass of water when taking the tablet. Avoid skipping any day, but if it happens you should not take two tablets the following day. Always seek medical advice before you start taking the drug and before you stop using it.

The drug is not effective for women, and it can harm the foetus if an expectant mother handles it.

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