Variocoele leads to impotence

Does Variocoele cause impotence or erectile dysfunction? Yes, Variocoele leads to impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Varicocele is the enlargement of internal spermatic veins which drain blood from the scrotum to the abdomen. Once the valves are not functioning properly, the blood collects in the scrotum, which could lead to many complications. It has been seen that about 40 per cent of persons having impotence problems or erectile dysfunction having variocoele.

Varicocele is known to cause damage to the cells that make testosterone. Once this happens, it could lead to a decreased level of testosterone, which could lead to impotence or erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is needed for dilating the blood vessels for better blood flow. A good erection happens only if there is a good blood flow. Varicocele is also known to cause damage to the testicles.

Varicoceles are mostly developed during adolescence when the testicles are known to grow dramatically. Apart from impotence and erectile dysfunction, varicocele is also known to impair the production of sperm. Varicocoele also leads to abnormal sperm morphology.

Variococles can be determined by many ways. If a person comes across any spiraling veins in the scrotum, then it could be Variococles. In this case, you can approach a doctor who can say with authority if it is varicocles or not. The doctors usually go for the Doppler stethoscope or the scrotal ultrasound methods that help in determining Varicocoele.

Once diagnosed, Variococles is easy to treat. The microscopic sub-inguinal approach or the inguinal varicocelectomy or the Retroperitoneal Varicocelectomy are the treatments involved in treating Variococles.